1xBet is a well-known player in the sports betting sphere. The bookmaker is widely admired by bettors across Nigeria, Ghana and certain other countries. As a top-rated bookmaker, 1xBet covers a good number of sports categories while still dishing out enticing bonuses to bettors. Moreover, 1xBet allows bettors the benefit of selecting from an imposing collection of sporting events.

If you’re really keen to delete your 1xBet account, rest assured that you’ll be allowed to do that irrespective of how “petty” your reason for account closure seems. In spite of the acclaim and reputation that 1xBet has garnered, it is very possible that some bettors are not satisfied with the bookmaker’s service.

In this post, we’ll therefore walk you through all the instructions you need to successfully delete your 1xBet account.

Deleting a 1xBet Account –How Is It Done?

In order to delete a 1xBet account, you can try any of two proven options. The first option entails sending an email message to 1xBet while the second option requires contacting 1xBet’s customer care via a live chat.

Irrespective of the option you choose, you’ll find it easy to delete your 1xBet account provided you follow the instructions in this post carefully.

Steps to Delete a 1xBet Account via Email

  • Sign in to the email account you registered with your 1xBet account
  • After the sign-in, you’ll have to compose an email message to be titled “Request to delete my account”
  • As regards the content of the email message, you need to specify whether you want to close (delete) your 1xBet account permanently or only for a given period
  • After composing the message, ensure you attach a copy of your passport or ID to the message before sending it
  • Finally, send the email to 1xBet’s support team [email protected]
  • With the above duly done, you can expect 1xBet’s support team to send you a reply regarding your request for account closure

Steps to Delete a 1xBet Account via a Live Chat

  • Launch any browser on your device –PC, Android tab, smartphone, etc. –and visit the website of 1xBet. Here’s the URL of the official website . If you have the 1xBet mobile app installed on your smartphone, you may launch the app instead
  • Submit your log-in details (password and email address or ID) in order to access your 1xBet account
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page that appears next, and then navigate to the live chat button on the right side
  • Wait for the chat window to connect one of 1xBet’s customer care reps to you. Since 1xBet guarantees 24-hour customer support availability on all days, there’s a high chance that one of the bet company’s customer care agents will attend to you
  • Once the customer care agent joins you in the live chat, state your intention to the agent. You should also give a clear reason as to why you’d like to close your 1xBet account